Recently I got my second chalazion on my right eye.  In February of this year I got my first one on my left eye.  I had not even heard of the name before this.  I had it 3 months before I got surgery.  Some of them do not go away without it. I am trying hot compresses on my right eye, apple cider vinegar, and prayer inner peace.  I am curious about the spiritual meanings of sicknesses.  Some say eye issues mean not wanting to see the way things are, caused by anger issues.  

I have been under a lot of emotional stress so this could be true.  I am listening to my body and the Holy Spirit.  I want to be a whole person!  I want to be healthy in all areas.
The most important thing I have needed to so is be honest with myself!  If I am sad, cry.  I must be free to make my own choices without fear and take personal responsibility for them.
I think there must be a cause for the onslaught of chalazions.  I read it means hailstone.  That makes me think of judgement which makes me feel guilty.
It is true I have been guilty of being judgmental but God has forgiven me of this and is freeing me.
But not being judgmental does not mean that I accept bad things that people want to do to me.  This is setting boundaries!
Some people have tendency to be controllers / manipulators and they find submissive people like myself to try and dominate and control.  This is not right and I do not like that!
When I am healed I will be stronger for it and will be able to stand up to such people without guilt and shame.  It feels so good to do that and to have freedom to make my own choices out of love and from a place of wholeness rather than out of fear and insecurity!
God I release my anger, pride, selfishness, and the lies the enemy wants me to believe.  I free myself and forgive myself for the judgement I have had of others and myself!  Touch my eyes so I can see clearly to help others remove specks from their eyes!  In Jesus name amen!  I release myself from the guilt heaped on me for judging others and myself.  Amen.