I like this movie because it asks questions that we all have asked of God at one time or another.  We think, “God, what are you doing in my life?  Are you there?  Are you listening?  Do you care?  If you do then why don’t you fix this!”

Some people deal with God by not dealing with Him.  They say, “God doesn’t exist. ”  Or they say, “If He exists He is obviously not good because there is injustice, poverty, and pain.  If He did exist surely He would do something to fix that.”

Or we say unfortunate (yet honest!) things like, “If I were God…things would be different.  (I can run things much better than Him.)  He obviously doesn’t know what He is doing!”  Well, we take control of our lives everyday because we don’t trust God.  We take matters into our own hands.  When has that worked?

The simple lesson is:  Go to God with everything.  Go to God.  Ask Him.  Ask for help.  Ask and keep asking.  Knock and keep knocking!  Seek and keep seeking until you get your answer.

Worship is hanging on every word a person says.  I am guilty of worshiping the wrong person!  I am to hang on every word that comes from the mouth of God.  Not every word that comes from the mouth of my pastor, president, or spouse.  God gets insulted when I have done that.  He will be honored for He is God!

But don’t get the impression God is far off and distant or callous and cold.  No, He is very near.  He came, like Bruce Almighty, in the human form of Jesus.  Jesus is how we know what God is like.  He is the only way to God.

There is SOME truth in other religions, that I have gleaned from, but they don’t have THE TRUTH, THE WAY, and THE LIFE…JESUS.

Now back to my orignial point:  GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR.

We are human and for some reason wonder if God is anything at all like us.  I use to think that God wasn’t very smart.  I thought I have to explain things to HIM.  LOL.  What kind of God did I have if I was smarter than my God? LOL!  Are you ROTFL? YET?  You will be.

God is nice.  He’s really really funny.  Even funnier than Jim Carey! Or whoever you consider to be the funniest comedian these days.  He created comedy.  He created everything.  He created sex! GASP!

The Creator of something is the one who knows how its creation is best used.  He knows what He has made and what the purpose of it is for.


God waits to hear…THY…THY…THY…will be done.

Why do we fight “THY WILL BE DONE”?  Because we don’t trust God.  WE don’t think He has our best interest at heart.  We don’t think He knows what He is talking about!  We have been deceived by our pride so we can’t see God is good and cares more than we know.

Surrender.  Embrace the lessons God is teaching you.  Be honest with Him.  Honesty goes way far with God.  He seems to REALLY appreciate honesty!

Whether the Athiests like it or not…GOD is in control and lack of belief in Him can’t stop Him.  He loves you.  You can cut Him to pieces and He will still love you.

Anyway sorry I get too serious.  I asked God to MAKE me laugh because I am way too uptight and I need to relax and loosen up and CHILL OUT!!!  I am trusting God to make me laugh.  I am trusting Him to do this.  I can’t wait to have a good laugh…one in which I laugh soooo hard I start to cry! 🙂


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