Fully Persuaded Original Rap by LadyEsther

Jesus loves me this I know…

Fully Persuaded by E.M. Bautista 
(c) May 30th 2012
I am fully persuaded 
my life was jaded as I faded 
and faded into the fray.
I thought I had to prove
to myself that my soul
had wealth.
I was trapped in a prison of religion,
Rules to follow and sorrow
upon sorrow was that 
I could never see a better tomorrow.
Fear, guilt, and shame
could never be tamed
They ruled and reigned
my search for fame.
Piled upon my shoulders
like heavy blocks and boulders
The weight unbearable
so unwearable
sucked me in, to more
and more sin.
How could I win?
What’s wrong with me?
I could never see
as I saw others
dance with glee.
What are they so happy?
Snap, my life’s been so nappy.
A secret they have
must be a salve.
Long have I been a Christian
without a mission
Burdened by my human condition-
Sin, I fail again and again,
I wail again and again,
When will it end?
It ends today, today!
Jesus, will you light The Way?
Illuminate, my human state
Not set in stone by fate-
As I wait and wait upon Thee
Your love has set me free
From this self-imposed captivity-
The goal was never to be
Rules to follow, but Thee.
Seek ye first, Follow me!
Jesus, walk on the sea.
I am fully aware of your
human condition and don’t 
you see I made full provision?
I do not condemn, nor accuse-
I did not come your soul to abuse.
I came that you most personally,
would receive life eternally.
You’re mine now, I set you free-
I love you dear, can’t you see?
Rest now in my arms safe from harm-
You’re a jewel most precious-
It’s my joy to be gracious.
From rags to riches
to Abercrombie and fitch’s
I clothe you with grace
Wash shame from your face.
You I implore, I do adore-
Wait for me now to even the score.
The years of the locust
barren has eaten.
My Word goes forth now
Your life will it sweeten!
Sing for me now
I’ll show you how-
I’ll lift you up as
You humbly bow.
As for the voices stealing
your choices-
Listen only to me and you will see-
How blessed you are when you Follow Me! 

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