Battle of the Sexes by E.M. Bautista

Tonight God gave me expression through this poem about the struggle between the sexes in the marriage relationship between husband and wife.  It was another poem that just flowed out of
me.  It is my heart.  The heart of a woman.  We cry to be loved so much by our husbands.  
Battle of the Sexes
by E.M. Bautista
February 15, 2013
It’s a battle of the sexes
and it’s a mess it is-
Started way back
in the garden of eden-
When the world was lush
and life was sweet’n
then Eve took the fruit
and tasted a bite-
then she and Adam
had their first fight!
He knew better-
She was deceived.
This is the story
of how sin was
It gave birth to chaos
between the two sexes-
Now we got divorce
and we battle our exes.
She feels inferior
that He seems superior-
He wants respect
in-spite of neglect
of leadership roles
and lofty money goals.
She wants his love
but how much is enough?
She doesn’t care
about all of this stuff!
All she wants is to be 
valued and prized
and free to live without
having to compromise-
her hopes and dreams
get trashed it seems
she’s invisible
If it were not for the
Hey, I’m not just a body
I have a soul!
I have a spirit!
But the years take their toll.
Adam, what are you waiting for?
You’re the man!
You can score!
But Hey, not that way-
I mean step it up-
take the lead
But don’t beat me down
so you can succeed.
If you would just listen
a little bit-
then maybe our union
would finally fit.
I’m not just here at your
beck and call.
But I’ll lift you up
whenever you fall.
I will not mindlessly
follow your lead.
I think for myself
but I can help you 
I know you work hard
the world even sees-
But life is more than
financial needs.
Yes, it’s important
but you missed the point!
If husband and wife
are wack out of joint.
The female heart is so
deep and complex.
Seldom pondering
an evening of sex.
She wants to be
held and know
that you care.
Beyond you gaze
of a lusty stare.
Friends become lovers
who grow to hate each other.
Because we talk, talk, talk,
while our  hearts remain locked.
Hidden beneath facades and walls
Eve finds her addiction
out in the malls.
Adam decides to go
Finding his comfort
in the arms of another.
Chaos upon chaos in
a world of disrespect.
Is the way things will
go if you keep your
We both have hearts.
We both have feelings.
How come we explode
in our relational dealings?
Why is it so hard to come
to agreement?
Is it our pride – or
our heart concealment?
I just can’t give in
My words have weight
to even the score.
Adam, dear Adam
listen to Eve-
We would not even be
here if you’d taken
the lead.
Take some tips from the
words of your wife
and maybe that’ll end
half of your strife.
I was not put here to be your
yes man-
But I can not help you
if you refuse to stand.
God knows I’ve tried
to get through to you-
But your not listening to me 
so I’m finally through.
I will respect you in-spite of the strife.
It’s hard being wounded and scarred
by life.
Adam, dear Adam pray for your Eve-
that bitterness ends and new love
can conceive.
For I have been praying and 
beside you staying
hoping for change
to rearrange 
my attitude in-spite of you.
So we get over ourselves
and start anew
with equal respect,
and love to infect
our world and beyond
and to be fond of
one another-
Obeying the Spirit-
Why can’t you hear it?
I still believe God is all 
I need.
Under His plan you
are the man.
I am the woman
beside you I stand.
Inside you’re weak
and so you freak
with disrespect
but is it yet?
Be vulnerable
let down your guard
in humility listen
without the card-
of anger control.
Serve like Jesus
as He both sees us
as cherished and prized-
not diminished or despised. (in size)
I’ll stand tall-
I’ll take your hand.
Support, not control.
Ask, not demand.
REPEAT I must,
maybe quench my tear,
but without real love
I’ll always have fear.
I hope dear Adam
in time someday I’ll
learn to trust all that
you say!
And someday I hope 
to be part of a band
of women standing tall
walking hand in hand.
Dignified and honored
for the glorious Truth
that our beauty doesn’t
end at the end 
of our youth.  

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