My College Days 96-99

Top: Cassy, Uncle Scott, & Dana
Bottom: Suzie & Steve

So the story was, I was at this guys house doing my homework for my college design 1 class and my friends
were out having pizza and bowling!  I didn’t know I had a bit OCD & ADD back then, but I was hyper-focused on getting that project done.  Looking back now at all the fun they had.  I wish I had gone with them.  Sharon tried to get me to go but I was stubborn. 🙂  Look at the bottom photo of my friends Suzie & Steve.  I haven’t talked to them in years but they came to my wedding in 1999.  Suzie is so naturally beautiful, huh!? 🙂  And Scott…I haven’t seen him either.  I heard he’s a teacher now and I was like Wow!  He’s a great artist and poetic.  He was in a band with Steve and Vic, not pictured.  I never heard them play but I always wanted to sit in on their jam sessions.  It’s funny how we grow up and our lives take on an entirely different turn then we would have ever expected.  We make plans…God laughs.


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