I started writing poetry back in 1988.  I am not sure if this was my first poem.  I was in high school English class and we were doing a study on poetry and the meaning intended by the authors.  I remember reading Emily Dickinson in that class.  She inspired me to write.  The more poetry I would hear the more I would be inspired and excited.  Not too long ago I saw a couple movies about the lives of some poets.  One of them was Sylvia Plath played by the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow.  It was a very good movie but the story was tragic and dramatic.  It seems that artists are the epitome of emotions gone wild.  But that is precisely why we are artists.  If we did not have such strong emotions where would the passion come from?  We would be like Vulcans.  No, offense to Mr. Spock or any Vulcans.  What makes us human is to feel, to laugh, to weep, to sing, to rejoice.  We often bare our souls.  We are misunderstood.  I am making peace with my emotions and accepting the good ones and the bad ones.  Like anger for example, people are just as afraid of anger as tears.  But we need to embrace all of our emotions.  Embrace our anger.  Feel it and let it go.  In my case the only way I can do that is through much prayer and meditation.  But you can see how I am growing!  Go back to the first posts and you will see me up and down and all around!  I am all over the place in my emotional state.  I am reminded again of a movie I recently saw called “Something’s Got To Give” starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  Her character allowed the pain in when she allowed herself to love.  Because Jack’s character was a playboy and broke her heart.  But the irony of our little lives of quiet desperation is that because of the great pain she felt she was able to write again and write she did!  It was real.  It was raw.  It was her broken heart on the pages of a book poured out for all the world to see.