Art – ATC & Mixed Media Collage Paintings

Ever since I was a little girl I have always enjoyed art.  Even so, since I am an artist, quirky, and a bit overly emotional…I forget about the joy I have in creating it!  I get distracted with something else and it’s usually my ever over empowering emotions or troubled thoughts.  BUT maybe that is what makes a GOOD artist???

I have recently discovered mixed media collage paintings which I have been doing for a couple years now and ATCs ( Artist Trading Cards ).  They are 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards with a cardstock base or other rigid form that are decorated with any form of media.  I will just put a link to a book that will explain it all to you if you are interested in exploring this art form.

and here is an awesome book on mixed media collage painting…
Oh, I need to go to Michael’s to get more supplies!  Any one want to give a STARVING ARTIST a monetary donation?  (Well, I exaggerated…do I really look like I’m starving?)  DONATIONS WELCOME!!!
Mixed Media Paintings:
What is Beauty? Unfinished.

Pinky and Ronno.

Inspired by the hard work of being SAHM in today’s world.

My Grandmother Grace Ann or “Pinky”

Self-Portait study…a bit dark…to much going on here!

Bethany’s hand with vibrant colors.

This is one of my FAVORITE works for Godchicks 2012.

I repainted over my sharpie word piece with white and yellow and Bible Verses.

My First Mixed Media Painting with my children.

Another favorite of mine…love the blending.

Words that haunt me.  Silence them.

Trading Cards:
Clara Bow – Angel
(It’s not the appropriate size though.)

Stuff to create with:
paper towel
baby wipes!

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