Ever since I read one of my Daughter’s genetic evaluation reports I thought that the Simian Crease, Simian Line or transverse palmar crease was an interesting characteristic to have. She has a partial Simian Crease on her right hand. So me being the obssessive compulsive person I am I needed to survey my family members to see how many people I am related to that have this. So I started with my Son. He has them on both hands and they are very distinct. My husband has one. I do not have the crease. My older Daughter has a partial one too and I just recently discovered this. A Simian is a monkey or ape. This term is used because if you look at the hand of a monkey you will see this single line. A large portion of those with Down-Syndrome have this characteristic. But having this is not an indication of Down-Sydrome. I think this is so interesting! I told my Son that I thought it is very cool that he has this unique characterisitic that not many people have. It’s like being left handed. My Son and youngest Daughter are left handed and so am I. The Left-Hand advantage.