The Cursed "Lost" Lotto Numbers…haha lol.

Daily 3
4, 7, 0
Daily 4
6, 2, 1, 6
Daily Derby
1st: 5-California Classic, 2nd: 9-Winning Spirit, 3rd: 8-Gorgeous George, Race Time: 1:40.77
Fantasy 5
2, 8, 13, 18, 19
Midday 3
1, 1, 7
Super Lotto PLUS
4, 6, 15, 16, 42, Mega: 16
Okay please hear me out before rushing to judgement. Those who know me really well will laugh with me and say LOL, Esther, that’s funny. I’m not advocating gambling but this is something I felt compelled to do. I recently started watching the series “Lost” on Netflix. Recently we took a break from that to watch “Heros” but this latest event makes me want to go back and watch “Lost” again. Hahaha. LOL. Ever since I heard about those curse lotto numbers I had it in the back of my mind I should play them once and see what happens. I was going to do so last week but I missed the drawing I wanted to play in. So this past Monday I decided to get a ticket. Well needless to say I took a photo of my ticket for fun before I checked my numbers. Maybe it’s not a big deal but I actually got 4 numbers right! I think this is partial synchronicity if you ask me. What are the chances of me discovering these numbers and playing them this week? Maybe some people have been playing them since they heard about them on the show or maybe they came up with them on there own based on birthdays or something. I am one of those people that rarely wins anything. I want to say I don’t win anything but that is not totally true. I won two call in radio contests once. So this is the third contest I would consider that I won. Okay, I got these numbers out of my system. I just had to do this once. If you know me really well go ahead and laugh with me. I think it’s funny. Maybe it’s the number 23 that is the cause of the mysterious curse? I’m just kidding. I don’t believe in curses like that. I just think numbers and things such as a series of seemingly unrelated events that come together as funny- strange. Or meant to be. Who knows. It was just funny. As I have been pondering this throughout the day I thought it’s not really the winning that excites me although that is neat and fun. It is the synchronicity. What excites me is when life comes together and sort of makes a pattern or sense. It’s like God’s opening a door or something or putting a puzzle together. He’s making this giant puzzle out of our little seemingly insignificant little lives and when He picks up my piece of the puzzle that makes me really excited. It’s like He’s saying…I see you, Esther. I see you. Then you’re like wow! Out of all the people on earth God is looking at ME??? That is really cool. So this is sort of how I feel. I know I’m different and I know a lot of you won’t understand. But I am okay with that now. I’m getting to the point where I don’t mind standing out. I think on another level like Mars or something. Or maybe it was Venus. Men are from Mars, right? Women are from Venus. Thanks God. That was cool. đŸ™‚

Note: 4/26/2013-  Interesting I just noticed…I won on the 27th of July.  Tomorrow is the 27th and
someone I told will play these numbers for their Sat. lotto.  I won 75.00 by matching 4 out of six.


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