Good morning! I wrote a poem this morning that I want to share with you. I hope that this resonates with those who have lost a loved one. I confess that I have not experienced the depth of that pain. I can only imagine. I was thinking that I hope this is a gift that God uses for His greater purposes and that my writing has not been in vain. Many times creative and artistic people are told to “GET A REAL JOB”. This is so disheartening to me because a real job is not where my heart is! My heart is with the strange and unsual world of the creative, thought provoking, contemplating, music making undertaking. Sorry. I love rhyming.

Sometimes its annoying. 🙂 God bless you, Esther

A Piece of My Heart is in Heaven

by EMB

A piece of my heart is in heaven

And in heaven it shall stay

For it was broken the day you died

And went so far away-

How I long to see you

This ache’s too much to bare

Grief is a weight so heavy

A yoke I don’t wish to wear.

I miss your laugh

Your smiling face

I miss your gentle

Tender grace.

I miss the times

so short and few

I miss the times

I felt close to you.

God can bring good

out of this grief

Our love was strong-

Your life was brief.

The comfort I have is

to see you someday

Knowing your safe

in your home far away.

Walking with Him on

some distant shore

Protected and loved

for evermore.

A piece of my heart is

in heaven with you.

I learned to love

what’s good what’s true.